Value of Time

October 27, 2010

Today I had a moment of utter clarity: my water heater kicked the bucket. While the plumber was here, he noticed that our toilet was running consistently. I noticed this a few weeks back but was nervous about doing the repair myself. I knew it would take a few hours to do to replace the stop valves and would likely require me to turn off the main water line since the water valve below the toilet wouldn’t hold either. I bought the parts but have been putting it off for quite some time assuming I’d either only further destroy the toilet or be stuck spending hours fixing it.

The plumber tells me it’ll be about $150 parts and labor. This man will take about 30 minutes to fix the problem, but it would have easily taken me 2 or 3 hours to hopefully fix the problem. I’d probably have to go to the store to get a piece I had forgotten. Instead, I can just have my awesome plumber fix the problem, 30 minutes, and I can enjoy my weekend in peace.

I know DIY is a great thing, and I still do it where there is substantial savings (like putting in new wood floors in my office), but never underestimate when its cheaper to just pay someone else to do it.