How Losing Weight Is Easy (If You Do It Right)

May 1, 2011

I started this adventure when I realized I was overweight. Well, overweight is how I like to say it as technically I’m obese (thanks, BMI). I initially started with a *very* aggressive diet plan that I won’t name. At the time I was telling myself that I wasn’t going for the get think quick plan, but I really was. I found the rules VERY difficult to follow especially when it comes to traveling for work. So I inevitably lasted about a week… and then had to give up.

Then on some advice of my wife, I found an amazing diet plan. I’m going to spend the rest of this post covering some of the amazing tools that I’ve found that have worked really well for me, but also share some of the insights I’ve come to learn.

The Best Life Diet (about $6)

This diet plan has been absolutely amazing. While calling it a diet is sort of a misnomer (its really just healthy eating), it was able to do what a lot of other books, diets, plans were unable to do for me: create a realistic set of goals. The Best Life Diet is broken down into three phases: Getting Started, Digging Deeper, and Life Long Maintenance. It has a set of simple rules that are laid out like “no white bread” or “no soda” to start with. To start with in Phase One, there are only 6 rules you need to follow.

I personally love “rules”. I think its much easier to make healthy food choices when you have a set of guidelines instead of merely telling yourself, “I’ll just eat healthier.” The book breaks down how some “healthy” foods sneak around as very un-healthy ones. (Did you know that even if a box says 0 g trans-fat it can have up to .49 g of trans fat?)

Run Your Butt Off (about $12)

I thought this book was quite helpful. Part of the “Best Life Diet” is to increase your activity. What I usually do when it comes down to this is to start running… too much. I’m not physically fit as it is so running for a mile or two all of a sudden will do me little good but tire me out and make me stop faster. “Run Your Butt Off” covers a bit of a “walk to run” program: the idea that getting active is the most important part of a new exercise routine. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself, thats the easiest way to fail. Instead, set very realistic goals… walking for 5 minutes, then running for 1, all the way up to running for 45 minutes straight. I’ve also used other plans online but this is the best book I could find that covers the process.

In another post, I will cover a few of the devices and iPhone apps that I’ve been using as well.