Run, Run, Running

July 24, 2011

Well, its been a bit since my last running post but I think its about time to add some more.

Susan G Komen 5K in Hartford

This was my first ever 5K and boy was it fun. The race had thousands of people (which, later, people told me isn’t a good idea for your first 5K). I found myself trying to just get into a stride for the first mile because there were so many people of different skills and speeds. I got into my stride after the first mile but… I realized I’ve only been training on completely flat surfaces. So when I got to my first hill, then second, then third… I realized I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for hills. But, thankfully, because this was a Breast Cancer fundraiser with survivors all over the place creaming my time I felt like it was impossible to go slower than them.

My second big mistakes was that I didn’t really know the course before I started. This led me to thinking that we were coming into the finish line when we actually have another .75 mile loop to do. I was so defeated on that last loop… I gave everything I had way before that so it was a lot tougher than I wanted it to be.

I ended up finishing in an all out sprint with a final time of 34:57. My coach was happy, I was ecstatic that I even finished, but I went back to training.

A special note to everyone that helped me raise money for this cause: thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart. As a first 5K, I wasn’t even sure I was going to finish but I’m happy to have finished and supported such a great cause. We raised $670.01 and it all went to Komen CT!

GE Petit 5K

This was my next race but SO much hotter than the last one. Luckily, the residents of the area were super nice and put out sprinklers and hoses to cool everyone off. Before I did this 5K, my Coach at told me to essentially “run as hard as you can until you puke”. Well, thats basically what I did. I memorized the course before I left and it was relatively flat which helped.

I ended up coming in at 29:23 totally obliterating my previous 5K. This was my second 5K so I was so excited to kill my previous PR.

Moving Forward

My big “A” race as people call it is the Hartford Half-Marathon. I’m going to be working up to a 10K in August and then the half in October. So far its been pretty great. I’m hoping that the heat will give me an advantage so when it (hopefully) cools off in October I’ll be better prepared.

Also, today marks 197 lbs for me. I’m just so excited about this that I have to keep writing it down. I have 17 more lbs to go for my goal weight as given to me by my Doctor. I started this March and its just been a huge ride losing about 50 lbs so far. Between my exercise, lifestyle changes (brought on by The Best Life Diet), and perseverance I’ve been able to get into the best shape of my life. Thanks to my wife Jamie and my coworkers James for helping me push along when I’ve wanted to give up.